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The addictions we ignore

Addiction knows many names. I think when people think about that word, things like drugs and alcohol come to mind.

Did you ever think food, people, or habits could be addictions? What about books and movies?

I’ve never been a big TV watcher until recently. I heard people talking about new shows and classic older shows – Younger, The King of Queens, Empire… And all the new additions to Netflix or the countless shows and movies available to be watched. poltergeist-tv-500x375c

Friends would talk about “binge watching” episodes of a show. I laughed at them because I thought it was ridiculous. I didn’t understand how someone could do that until now. I started watching hours and hours of a show at a time. Granted I just lost an important person in my life, I found myself sucked into a fantasy world. I felt like I was acting like some of the characters or thinking like some of the characters. Some of them were particularly nasty, rude, and careless.

Hear me out. I think the access we have to entertainment can be really wonderful and fun to share with friends and family. But it can also be a silent addiction. Lately, all I’ve wanted to do is watch the show. I watched it during my breaks at work, when I came home, in between activities or events. I wasn’t writing anymore. I wasn’t talking to any real people. And I sure wasn’t sleeping at night. One more, one more… It would go through my head over and over again. Read the rest of this entry »

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Did you think He forgot about you?

I remember when I was a kid I really wanted to be a dentist. I wanted to wear a white coat and be a local hero.

Now I’m a college graduate in journalism and multimedia communication. I still actually really love the dentist and going to the dentist.

Why do I bring this up?

Because graduating from college left a weird taste in my mouth – not at first, but it did. I kind of forgot I was supposed to be you-are-not-forgotten-god-knows-your-name-57trusting God. God helped me get through college… but this is just the beginning. I’ve been applying for jobs. I’ve had some interviews. In the midst of it all, I’ve found myself having mini panic attacks because applying for jobs is stressful, frustrating, and time consuming. When things weren’t working out, I started to get nervous, thinking I must have picked the wrong career path. I was convinced if I went back to be a dentist, everything would work out. I would get that job, I wouldn’t feel discouraged, I wouldn’t feel this, I wouldn’t feel that… And even though there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that, I knew I was being a little over the top. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shoes of the ages and a trip down memory lane

pink_ribbon_Breast_Cancer_Awareness_high_heel_crystal_pumps_black_with_pink_bow_1_grandeThe other day I went to the library with my siblings before I had to go to work. It was a trip down memory lane. Other than the bookstore, the library was my favorite place in the world. Of course, I read the classics… The Boxcar Children, Animal Ark, Heartland, Hank the Cowdog, and more. I haven’t been inside the library in Eau Claire very much, so it was nice to see it alive with lots of children ranging in ages… there were adults too!

There were colorful balls and decorations hanging from the ceiling over the computers, bright signs everywhere promoting a fun summer reading program. For the first time in a while, I wished I could be small again. Middle school was definitely not the greatest part of my life, but reading always made it better.

As I grew older, my love for reading was not erased, but I found a love for new things too. Shoes, for example, I very much enjoy. Traveling, food, clothes, all kinds of different things. I was wearing some nude colored flats with light orange skinny jeans and a black top. My hair was in a messy bun – I was feeling good, enjoying the library, doing what I do. My flats are great because they go with everything and they’re great for work. Definitely not the most “fabulous” shoe I have though. For example, I have some hot pink heels with black spots and a bow in the front. Now those are quite something. Craig is thankful I don’t wear them too often (he thinks they’re a little crazy), but man, I love those shoes.

Anyway, while Beth and Zach were checking their books out, this nice older woman came up to me and told me how much she loved my shoes. She said things like, “they’re so cool and practical,” or, “they’re fun and a great color.” It made me laugh to myself a little because I have never had anyone tell me my shoes were cool when I wear my pink heels. Maybe more people feel the way Craig does about my shoes, which I don’t mind. They are a little out there, but oh so vibrant and unusual.

When I dress to impress, nude flats are the way to go!

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Forbidden fruit of the refrigerator

For the last few days, I’ve brought a peach with me as a part of my lunch for work. It all started when I was packing some chips and a sandwich, but was in desperate need of a fruit or veggie to take with too. At my house, we have a refrigerator in our kitchen and in the garage. I didn’t find anything in the kitchen, so I went out to the garage. We sometimes keep apples or oranges in a drawer out there to save space. Sure enough, I found some delightful peaches. Thinking it was a perfect option, I brought one along. Read the rest of this entry »

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Graduation surprises…?

It’s a strange thought thinking I might not have any homework for the rest of my life…that is, if I don’t end up at grad school. School is something I’ve done for so long, it feels odd knowing I won’t be enrolled in any classes for the fall. Graduation was here and then gone in a blur, but it was most certainly an interesting one. I waited to walk into Zorn Arena at UWEC next to the most funny and interesting guys and fellow graduates. One of them had half a beef stick in his pocket, coffee in hand, and sandals on his feet. The other sported a blue tie with swirls that changed with the position of the lights. And still another said he showered but forgot deodorant; he wanted to give us a heads up. Their funny, relaxed graduatecomments and persons made me feel more comfortable waiting to walk into the arena full of people who would be watching us. We had good laughs before the ceremony started.

A few days before hand, my biggest concerns were I wouldn’t know what to do, or I would trip going up the steps to get my diploma. I came home Friday night after work, the day before graduation, and discovered a horrible truth. Read the rest of this entry »

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What goes well with chili

Yesterday was such a fun day! I went to church, had breakfast with Mom, and went to see the new Avengers movie.

Later on in the evening after some hamburgers on the grill, we all went out for some custard. My sister isn’t a huge fan of burgers, so she said she couldn’t eat the rest. Dad said if she wanted dessert, she needed to eat it (which was only about 3 bites or so). She fought hard to get those last few pieces down, but not for custard…For chili!

She really enjoys chili, so she was determined to finish the rest of her food.chili4

I had this yummy custard with chocolate and some fruit. It was really good. My sister stayed in the car while we went in to get everything. When we brought it out, she was excited and eager to get the cover off. I ate my dessert sitting next to her so I could smell the chili. It was an interesting thing eating custard but smelling chili… It might have been a once in a life time experience!

When we were almost home, she gave me the bag to put my garbage in. All of a sudden, I felt something warm on my legs. Read the rest of this entry »

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The best party ever

I came across this gem on Pinterest… It was too cute and funny not to share.


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The perfectly imperfect dress

The last few weeks have been busy, fun and crazy – all at the same time. I found myself in a lovely little Italian buffet style restuarant in the Cities, in a teal peacoat on these, at times, chilly April days, and at the Viennese Ball at UWEC.


Getting fancy – VBall 2015

The VBall was beautiful as always. Such great music, treats and dancing. Craig and I agreed it went way too fast! One of my favorite things about it is the man they get to play piano and sing songs. He’s funny and a very talented player. There’s nothing better than singing “Piano Man” with a bunch of strangers all dressed up in a dimly lit room. Some students jumped up on the small stange with him and sang along with their arms around each other.

Every year we go, Craig gets me a piece of this absolutely fabulous Snickers cake. It’s so good! Very rich with chocolate frosting and pieces of the candy bar on the top. It’s usually the first thing we do when we get in. It goes great with a cup of coffee, and it’s fun to see how perfect of a lip print I can get on the white plastic cup from my plum colored lipstick.

Last year, I had some major dress mishaps that ultimately led me to get the light green one you see me wearing in the picture on the left. It’s a long story, but I originally bought this gorgeous, pink, fairytale dress. In my mind, it was the most amazing dress, and I got it for a steal of a deal. It fit perfectly when I tried it on – I’ve learned my lesson about trying on clothes, especially dresses, before buying them. When I got home, it would not zip up at all for whatever reason. My dad even grabbed one of his tools from the garage to try and force it to go up. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tip #18

I now present, what not to do when you’re bored.

Don’t get on a scale.

The other day I had some extra time in the morning and I was sitting around talking to my mom. As we were talking, I stepped on a scale just because I was curious and didn’t seem to have anything better to do. A little surprised by what showed up for a number, I asked my mom if the scale was correct. She said it should be. I told her to come over and look at the scale. She said, “Oh, honey, what have you been doing?”

It gave all my friends a good laugh. And me too. Mom is always looking out for me.




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Tip #17

If one of your zippers breaks, hide all your shirts! Or at least keep them in a safe place.

Let me explain.

Earlier this week, the zipper on my purple winter jacket busted off completely. I’ve had the coat for a long time, so I thought of it as a chance to get a new one maybe when winter jackets go on sale in the spring.

The next day, I put on one of my favorite button up shirts. It’s made of a fairly thin material, and it has plastic-separating-zippersmall blue stripes on it. When I was fixing my hair, I saw in the mirror when I lifted my arms there was a huge hole in the armpit area of the shirt. Not only that, but there seemed to be a few more tiny holes starting. I couldn’t believe it! I was saddened by the sight.

The moral of the story is…be careful if you break a zipper!

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