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To all my loyal readers: THANK YOU

I’ve had so much fun writing this blog. It’s been an adventure, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m going to be starting a new blog about mom life. Lookout for that. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Thanks again to all of you.

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A dessert worth waiting for

I’ve had my car for about three years now. It’s been through a lot in its time with me. We’ve gone across the country together… up and down hills, in the extreme hot and frigid cold, in crazy construction zones, on roads in the middle of nowhere…

My car is great. The biggest issue I’ve had with it is the tires. I can remember one winter they weren’t holding air well… I’d have to fill them up about three times a day before I got them sealed.


Drove my car to this beautiful place. This was taken in February, by the way.


Within the last week, I discovered I needed new brakes. So we got that done. On Saturday afternoon, I wanted to get some ice cream. We got in my car and Craig turned the key like we’ve both done a million times… But all we heard was a clicking sound.

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The cookie debacle of 2017

I’ve begun to branch out in my cooking/baking lately. Everything from stuffed shells to Oreo cheesecake. Hungry yet?

Me too. So hungry, I decided to take things to the next level and attempt the ultimate challenge. At least to me it was. Copy-cat Girl Scout Samoa cookies. Read the rest of this entry »

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The revelation(s)


I love this view. Pretty, pretty huh?



2016 was a crazy year. I worked and lived in three different states. I had a bit of breakdown near the end. All of the changes suddenly caught up to me, and I was starting to hate where I was. I couldn’t even look out my window. And the crazy thing is, we have an amazing view. A view so grand, our apartment charges us extra for it.

But it’s true. I couldn’t look. Not only that, I could hardly eat. Everything sounded and tasted gross. All I wanted at the end of the day was to go to bed so I could close my eyes.

One afternoon, I started to completely unravel. I grabbed my Bible and clutched it to my chest and read out loud, through tears, Psalm 23. I read it and read it, but didn’t feel any different. I was confused and devastated. Why wasn’t it working? Why wasn’t I better?

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Where is your hope?

At church on Sunday, we started a new series about Christmas that I found very interesting and touching. And more than anything, filled with hope.


From Pinterest (

Christmas is typically viewed as a wonderful time filled with friends and family. People are in a good mood. But not everyone feels this way. Some people are depressed and don’t feel any sort of Christmas joy.

What steals our hope? Obviously there can be lots of things. Our pastor pointed out a few items that stood out in his mind as to why we may lose hope. It could be because we think our best days are behind us, because our lives or circumstances aren’t what we expected they’d be, and because the pain of now outweighs the promise of not yet. And again, these are just some of his thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Because I’m an adult

When I was a young teen, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. All I wanted to do was live on my own, buy my own stuff, have my own space… I wanted freedom.

Now that I have that, I am both thankful for it and reminiscent of those years I rushed to grow up.

This morning’s message in church inspired me to write a blog post, mostly because it made me think hard about my life now. Obviously, if we read the Bible, we know what God says is good and bad. Allowed and not allowed. But some things can cause us harm even if they might be considered a normal thing or a good thing. We need to ask ourselves, is this thing I’m doing controlling my life? Is it affecting my spirit in a negative way?


From Pinterest (


The other day I was talking with a friend about how kids don’t seem to go outside as much as they used to, especially since tablets and computers exist in the new generations, and they’re improving every day. After church today, it occurred to me there are lots of things adults used to do that have been put on the back burner… For some, talking face to face is uncomfortable or avoided, we watch more TV than spending time with each other, etc. It got me thinking about the TV shows and movies I watch. They’re not bad in the sense that they have nudity or nasty language, but they do make jokes of casual sex, drinking, etc.

Every time I’m faced with a message like the one I heard in church today, I think to myself…. Well I’m an adult. I can handle it. And I don’t act like them or believe those things, so it doesn’t matter. Read the rest of this entry »

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Some of you might be like me and grew up hearing about God. Others of you maybe came to know Him later in life. Either way, have you ever at some point felt sort of distance from it all? Maybe you can’t even define what it is, but you just know you don’t feel close to it.

I know I have. In fact, I’ve felt that way many times. Does that freak me out? It did for a little bit, but I’ve come to realize something. You know when you go to a concert, some people are rocking out with their hands in the air, or they’ve got some dance move they’re busting out… And some people just aren’t? I’ve learned some people may just be putting on a “show” or a “good face.” Truth be told, they might be at a low point in their life. They might not even really believe what they’re selling. But we don’t always know that or see that. None of it may be real.

The journey of life with God isn’t always a golden street with rainbows and butterflies. It doesn’t always feel perfect. And if you’re pushing outside of yourself, it shouldn’t even necessarily feel comfortable.

CS Lewis

From Pinterest (

I can think of one time, over any other time, that I felt God and I felt closer to God than any other moment(s) in my life. I often look back on it and wish I could feel that way all the time. There are days I feel sort of blah. Sort of out of it and disconnected. That’s ok. What matters is that we’re for real. We know what we believe and we strive to be our best. We don’t have to throw our hands up and try to grasp at something because we think that will somehow make God feel real to us or make others think we’re for real. Connecting with God isn’t supposed to be a show for our glory and gain. It’s supposed to be real and honest. It looks dirty sometimes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Part 2: Beetle battle

Not long after my first battle, I encountered another beetle… Only this time, it was on the wall in my room. It was terrifying.

I hate when bugs are in my house in general, but when they’re on a wall, I feel like they have an advantage.

Of course, I didn’t notice it until I was in bed. My light was on, and I caught a glimpse of it. For about 30 minutes, I paced back and forth with a broom, hoping I could somehow work up the courage to knock it down. I felt sweaty and stiff. No part of me was ready for it.

I finally swatted the broom in the bug’s direction. At first, I thought I killed it, but then it hit my leg – I wasn’t sure if it flew into my leg, or if my small fan launched it towards me. I let out a squeal, and jumped on top of my bed. I figured it had to be under there, but I didn’t want to check. Who knew? Maybe it would be right at the edge, waiting for me to look for it so it could jump on my face. That was my thought.


Picture from Pinterest: f5/41/3d/f5413d0e1c0c2b029a9ed 6d15420fc65.jpg

I somehow worked up the courage to shine my phone flashlight under there to check for it. I couldn’t see anything that resembled the beetle, much to my mixed feelings of relief and terror. I didn’t want to sleep knowing it might still be somewhere, but part of me was thankful I didn’t find it.

It was a while before I decided what to do, but I eventually crawled back into bed, the light still on, Netflix distracting me. Seconds later, I saw a black spot on the top of my comforter. The beetle was alive! This honestly made my a little teary (terrible, I know), but at least it was off the wall. I had a chance. I grabbed the largest book I could find off my shelf, held it above my head, and swung. Almost. It went more along the lines of me “almost swinging” the book for five or more attempts. I wanted to sleep, and I definitely wasn’t going to be able to as long as the beetle was there.

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Beetle battle

My apartment is pretty clean. I feel very thankful there aren’t many bugs and crawly creatures visiting me.

When I was getting ready for work the other day, something that looked like a beetle started running for safety under my bed. I don’t like bugs, so I was immediately freaked out. My door closes by itself if I don’t use something to keep it open. I have a blue wedge that typically props the door open. It was easily within my reach, so I grabbed it and smashed the bug several times. It seemed to be undeterred by this, so I grabbed my dry shampoo and sprayed it. It was just sitting there, sort of flipped over, so I left it, shook off my goosebumps and started to get ready for the day. I figured I’d come back to pick it up and throw it away later. I needed a break.

Coming back for it, armed with a few sheets of paper towel, I tried to grab it, but it moved and somehow ended up closer to me. I grabbed an old t-shirt draped across my dresser, tossed it on top of it, and jumped up and down on it. I quickly scooped up the shirt and shook it over the toilet. As I went to flush it, the beetle’s legs were still kicking, which really added to my level of shivers.

The rest of the morning was a bit of a struggle. I felt weak in the legs and a bit chilled. It’s a little unnerving when all of your usual “tricks” to get rid of a bug don’t seem to work.

Clearly I need to up my game and come up with a new plan. Thank you, beetle?

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The art of hanging art

One would think hanging a picture wouldn’t be that hard.

I’m living in my first apartment, and it’s interesting so far. How, you ask? Well, even though it’s small, it still takes work to keep it clean. There’s also the task of making sure I don’t burn it down while cooking a casserole or puncture holes in the wall while attempting to put up a clock.

It’s quiet too. Growing up with two brothers and two sisters, I heard noise constantly. Now it’s so quiet, it’s weird to hear things. I think my neighbors in the floor above were vacuuming last night. It sounded so loud, even though it really wasn’t. At first, I thought it was my ice-maker.

Back to the picture situation. So I’m trying to be artsy and fun – bring a little color and liveliness to my tiny home… I got the picture for free, so that’s a plus. It’s an abstract painting with yellows, reds and oranges. Very nice. Read the rest of this entry »

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