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Beetle battle

on June 26, 2016

My apartment is pretty clean. I feel very thankful there aren’t many bugs and crawly creatures visiting me.

When I was getting ready for work the other day, something that looked like a beetle started running for safety under my bed. I don’t like bugs, so I was immediately freaked out. My door closes by itself if I don’t use something to keep it open. I have a blue wedge that typically props the door open. It was easily within my reach, so I grabbed it and smashed the bug several times. It seemed to be undeterred by this, so I grabbed my dry shampoo and sprayed it. It was just sitting there, sort of flipped over, so I left it, shook off my goosebumps and started to get ready for the day. I figured I’d come back to pick it up and throw it away later. I needed a break.

Coming back for it, armed with a few sheets of paper towel, I tried to grab it, but it moved and somehow ended up closer to me. I grabbed an old t-shirt draped across my dresser, tossed it on top of it, and jumped up and down on it. I quickly scooped up the shirt and shook it over the toilet. As I went to flush it, the beetle’s legs were still kicking, which really added to my level of shivers.

The rest of the morning was a bit of a struggle. I felt weak in the legs and a bit chilled. It’s a little unnerving when all of your usual “tricks” to get rid of a bug don’t seem to work.

Clearly I need to up my game and come up with a new plan. Thank you, beetle?


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