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Where is your hope?

on December 5, 2016

At church on Sunday, we started a new series about Christmas that I found very interesting and touching. And more than anything, filled with hope.


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Christmas is typically viewed as a wonderful time filled with friends and family. People are in a good mood. But not everyone feels this way. Some people are depressed and don’t feel any sort of Christmas joy.

What steals our hope? Obviously there can be lots of things. Our pastor pointed out a few items that stood out in his mind as to why we may lose hope. It could be because we think our best days are behind us, because our lives or circumstances aren’t what we expected they’d be, and because the pain of now outweighs the promise of not yet. And again, these are just some of his thoughts.

When we use hope in sentences we might say things like, “I hope I get a promotion,” or, “I hope you feel better.” Our pastor said our use of the word is always based on uncertainty. We don’t know if our friends or loved ones will feel better for sure, for example, but we hope they do.  However, the word in the Bible has security built into it. There isn’t doubt. It’s more about expectant peace and trust. Hebrews 6 is one of the examples he used. It says God is our hope, and hope is an anchor for our souls. We shouldn’t put our hope in things of this world, because they won’t last. Hope in God is forever and certain. It’s strong and firm and forever.

I love the image of hope as an anchor. It keeps us from drifting away. It was a great message to hear, especially that particular Sunday. Just the night before I was wondering if all I planned to do or wanted to do…all my dreams, were just that. Just dreams, not reality. I was hoping in my college degree. Hoping it would get me job opportunities I wanted, but so far, I felt it was letting me down.

I’m trying to remember during this Christmas season, and every time of the year, God is my hope. There’s so much to live for and so much in front of us! Our best days are certainly ahead.



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