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The art of hanging art

on June 6, 2016

One would think hanging a picture wouldn’t be that hard.

I’m living in my first apartment, and it’s interesting so far. How, you ask? Well, even though it’s small, it still takes work to keep it clean. There’s also the task of making sure I don’t burn it down while cooking a casserole or puncture holes in the wall while attempting to put up a clock.

It’s quiet too. Growing up with two brothers and two sisters, I heard noise constantly. Now it’s so quiet, it’s weird to hear things. I think my neighbors in the floor above were vacuuming last night. It sounded so loud, even though it really wasn’t. At first, I thought it was my ice-maker.

Back to the picture situation. So I’m trying to be artsy and fun – bring a little color and liveliness to my tiny home… I got the picture for free, so that’s a plus. It’s an abstract painting with yellows, reds and oranges. Very nice.

Within the first few days of living there, I put it up without using a nail. Of course while I’m sleeping, it decides to peel off the wall and smash onto the ground. It scared me out of sleep, so I ran to check it out, not sure initially what it was. I was almost more concerned about the wall than the picture when I saw what happened. It seemed like everything was ok, other than a few scratches on the frame. I placed it gently on the ground and went back to bed.

I was a little confused by why this all happened, especially since I had successfully put up a few pictures already using the same method. This particular one happened to be heavier than the others. It was about 12 pounds. I really didn’t want to use a nail, so I went back to the store, got more strips, and tried it again.

I kept a close eye on it all day, not sure if I trusted it. I heard it sliding a few times while I was watching rugby and eating mac and cheese.

Later that night, it was like slow motion… I saw it start to fall from the wall. I wasn’t fast enough, and it came crashing down, yet again. This time, it suffered more. The glass, though it didn’t break, popped out of the frame. The frame lost several chunks of whatever it was made of.

Stubborn as I am, I still didn’t want to use a nail. My plan is to stop this method and wait to hang it up when I have a house. It’s probably still fixable, but it might not be if I try it again.

I guess, at least for me, there isn’t an art to hanging art. Maybe I’ll get it down later. For now, here’s to not waking up late at night to a loud booming sound!


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