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Vector from Despicable Me with his squid launcher. Love it!

Hey, Guys!

There is so much I could say here, but I’ll try to keep it short. I’ve written a book, “Inside Out” which was published in June of 2011. Currently, I’m working on my second novel. I’m the oldest. I have two brothers and two sisters, along with a yellow lab named Chester. I’m a graduate from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in journalism and multimedia communication. The LORD has blessed me over and over. Thank you for visiting my blog! God bless!

For Him,


Please also feel free to visit my book site…


3 responses to “About Amelia


    Hey Amelia! I’m lovin’ your blog and still haven’t visited all of it. Today it’s really cold in Ironwood (+9 F this afternoon) and a true blizzard out there. Grandma K

  2. kimbalarcl says:

    Thanks, Grandma! I’m excited to know you’re enjoying it! Stay warm in the UP! It’s very chilly here too.


    Hmmmmm…I’ve enjoyed reading about your amazing trip to S. Carolina. I knew it was jellyfish stinging you. Good that they were little ones. Love you and see you soon. Grandma K.

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