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A dessert worth waiting for

on July 14, 2017

I’ve had my car for about three years now. It’s been through a lot in its time with me. We’ve gone across the country together… up and down hills, in the extreme hot and frigid cold, in crazy construction zones, on roads in the middle of nowhere…

My car is great. The biggest issue I’ve had with it is the tires. I can remember one winter they weren’t holding air well… I’d have to fill them up about three times a day before I got them sealed.


Drove my car to this beautiful place. This was taken in February, by the way.


Within the last week, I discovered I needed new brakes. So we got that done. On Saturday afternoon, I wanted to get some ice cream. We got in my car and Craig turned the key like we’ve both done a million times… But all we heard was a clicking sound.

After a look under the hood, we figured it might be the battery. Craig thought he had a battery tester in the other car, but alas, it wasn’t true. We tinkered with some of the parts for a bit, trying to decide what to do… tried jumping it. Eventually, we removed the battery and brought it to a place that could test it for us and see where it was at. After a bit, we were told the battery didn’t have enough charge to start a car, but they could try charging it for us.

In all the craziness, I didn’t get a chance to get my ice cream. By the time we got the charged battery back in the car, it was dark. Deciding that was all we could do at the time, we left it alone till Sunday.

We still heard the same sound the next morning. The charge was lost overnight. Taking the battery out for another time, we brought it to a store it was originally from. Craig went inside by himself while I waited in the car, but it started to take a while. I got out because it was too hot. I figured once this was over I could finally get ice cream. It was starting to storm off in the distance. I could see dark clouds and streaks leading all the way to the ground from the sky. Craig came out a bit later with a new battery. By this time, I could hear thunder.

We rushed back and attempted to get the new battery into place, but it was a lot harder than before. (We passed right by the ice cream place, by the way. I was looking at it longingly from the window.) Nothing seemed to be fitting right… It looked like it was tilted up, and the arm clamp wouldn’t fit around it.

The battery was too big. Craig went back and switched it out for a smaller one. While all this was going on, we kept moving Craig’s tools from one car to the other since mine didn’t have power and we couldn’t lock it.

When he returned with a smaller version, it was practically magic. It was easy and quick to get in. My car roared to life when we started it. We gave each other high fives in celebration, immediately going to get ice cream.

We both got desserts in a cup and drove around for a while just to make sure everything was working well on the car. It was hot, so I had to eat quickly. Everything was melting and sweating. But I tell you, nothing ever tasted so great. And I ate it before dinner, so that made it even better. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty great weekend.


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