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The cookie debacle of 2017

on June 22, 2017

I’ve begun to branch out in my cooking/baking lately. Everything from stuffed shells to Oreo cheesecake. Hungry yet?

Me too. So hungry, I decided to take things to the next level and attempt the ultimate challenge. At least to me it was. Copy-cat Girl Scout Samoa cookies.

I was feeling pretty good about it… Got all my ingredients at the store without too much trouble. Surprisingly, the hardest item to find were the caramels.

I made the dough. Things were looking good. The trouble began when I had to roll it out and make ring shapes. The recipe I had instructed me to keep it pretty thin. I attempted to create the rings several times, but everything I made kept falling apart. It wasn’t my first choice, but I eventually settled with making circles and keeping the dough a little thicker.

Still feeling in good spirits about it all, I melted the caramel with a makeshift double-boiler. It was actually easy to do, and didn’t take long. Adding the coconut to that was no trouble. cookies

When I was doing all of this, it was dinner time. I was boiling a pot of noodles while trying to melt my dark chocolate chips. I first put them in the microwave for just a few minutes, but they burnt and became all stinky and dry. Hoping to save them, I took the bowl and put it over my boiling noodles. This did nothing except cause my water to boil over. Without thinking, I grabbed the bowl with the chocolate and burnt my fingers. My dark chocolate chips were completely ruined. Thankfully, I had a bag of milk chocolate chips, so I used these instead, this time, I didn’t destroy them.

I had a difficult time getting the coconut caramel mixture onto the cookies because it was so sticky, and when I tried to dip the bottom of the cookies in the melted chocolate, I ended up further burning my fingers. At this point, my kitchen was an absolute disaster. Pots, pans, spatulas, etc…. they were everywhere.

I’m usually pretty patient when I cook/bake because I enjoy doing it, but these cookies were testing me. I will say I get a greater enjoyment out of cooking than I do out of baking. Toward the end of the cookie creating process, I started to mostly care all the ingredients were on the cookie instead of what they looked like. In the end, I had about 20 something cookies that maybe weren’t the prettiest, but they didn’t taste too bad! In fact, they were pretty good.

What did I get from all this? It can be challenging and frustrating to try new things, but it’s also sort of fun and you may even get a good laugh out of it. On the plus side, we also have dessert, and I love dessert. All of this also made for a great story, both in person and on Snapchat — imagine that!


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