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Part 2: Beetle battle

on August 15, 2016

Not long after my first battle, I encountered another beetle… Only this time, it was on the wall in my room. It was terrifying.

I hate when bugs are in my house in general, but when they’re on a wall, I feel like they have an advantage.

Of course, I didn’t notice it until I was in bed. My light was on, and I caught a glimpse of it. For about 30 minutes, I paced back and forth with a broom, hoping I could somehow work up the courage to knock it down. I felt sweaty and stiff. No part of me was ready for it.

I finally swatted the broom in the bug’s direction. At first, I thought I killed it, but then it hit my leg – I wasn’t sure if it flew into my leg, or if my small fan launched it towards me. I let out a squeal, and jumped on top of my bed. I figured it had to be under there, but I didn’t want to check. Who knew? Maybe it would be right at the edge, waiting for me to look for it so it could jump on my face. That was my thought.


Picture from Pinterest: f5/41/3d/f5413d0e1c0c2b029a9ed 6d15420fc65.jpg

I somehow worked up the courage to shine my phone flashlight under there to check for it. I couldn’t see anything that resembled the beetle, much to my mixed feelings of relief and terror. I didn’t want to sleep knowing it might still be somewhere, but part of me was thankful I didn’t find it.

It was a while before I decided what to do, but I eventually crawled back into bed, the light still on, Netflix distracting me. Seconds later, I saw a black spot on the top of my comforter. The beetle was alive! This honestly made my a little teary (terrible, I know), but at least it was off the wall. I had a chance. I grabbed the largest book I could find off my shelf, held it above my head, and swung. Almost. It went more along the lines of me “almost swinging” the book for five or more attempts. I wanted to sleep, and I definitely wasn’t going to be able to as long as the beetle was there.

It didn’t take as long for me to hit him the second time, but it still took longer than it should have. Just like the first battle with the other beetle, I had to hit it several times for it to stop moving. Knowing it was on my bed and seeing it try to scramble gave me extra Hulk-like abilities.

When the battle was finally over, and the beetle was flushed away, I watched Netflix until my eyelids drooped. I had to have some laughs and a chance to clear my head after yet another beetle battle.

The good news is, I haven’t seen one inside since. There was a brief time when I saw a decent amount of ants on my counters, but they were soon gone too. And again, they certainly weren’t coming in droves like I had a picnic basket out in the open or something.

Alas, I think the battles are over. For now.


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