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The magic list

on March 4, 2016

The other day I was watching an adorable movie about a young woman who was trying to find love. Her friends often teased her because she had a list of qualities she wanted her man to have. It included some interesting things – same taste in food, exotic accent, and takes trips on a whim, to name a few. She called it her search for “magic man.”

As the movie goes on, she falls for a guy who has almost everything on her list, but he turns out to be a complete lie. In the end, she realizes she’s been slowly falling in love with a man who’s nothing like her. He doesn’t like the same foods, doesn’t have an accent, and doesn’t have much of a fashion sense. She learns it’s our differences that make us special.

This same concept of a “magic list” came to my mind when I was thinking about certain things in my own life. Some things take time. They don’t just happen, and when they do, they might not include everything you thought they would, at least not at first. I’ve come to accept not everything is going to be perfect all the time. There will be challenges. There will be imperfections. And guess what? Certain things aren’t meant to be at all. I repeat – Certain things aren’t meant to be at all.

Being out of college for almost a year now has made me feel all sorts of ways. Sometimes I feel really confident about what I studied, and other days, I wonder if I should go back for something different. I’ve learned to make the most of every experience, and take chances… be as involved as I can.

If you anticipate you may be moving out of the area, going back to school, taking time off… whatever it is, make every day count. It’s only natural for me to feel there’s more I want for myself, but I have to work to get to the peek of my dreams. I have to make every day matter. There probably isn’t a magic situation that will take me there, and that’s ok. I’ve had such fun getting involved in professional groups, volunteering to take on different assignments at work and at home. I’ve learned a lot.

Maybe don’t throw away your magic list, but at least put it to the side. Take a chance and see what you can try!



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