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Knee pop

on December 4, 2015

Last night, Craig and I went out to dinner and a movie. It was refreshing and fun after my first week in a new department at work (Which has been a lot of fun, and a lot of learning. It keeps me busy!). We also spent some time wandering around Target after 10:30, which was quite interesting. Craig didn’t have any sugar, but he was unusually peppy and squirrely for that time of night. He wanted to buy all the Gatorade in the entire store. I saw him only drink water with dinner, so I’m sure he ate a package of cookies earlier in the day or something like that.

While we were waiting for our food, we started quizzing each other on things we thought the other didn’t know. For example, I asked Craig if he knew what flavor of ChapStick I ate as a kid (Yes, that’s a true story…I regret to say I ate the whole thing…) In case you’re wondering, it was Dr. Pepper. He got it right.

Somehow, a most embarrassing moment for me came up during our conversation. Back in high school, I was in 2 musicals. Craig and I met during the second one. It’s funny, because I almost didn’t audition for the first one because I was so nervous.

Craig getting in the spirit at Target.

Craig getting in the spirit at Target.

Who knows…If I wouldn’t have tried out for the first one, I don’t know if I would have gathered the guts to try out for the second one. Anyway, I did decide at the last minute I was going to try out. Because auditions had already taken place, a few students who were either sick during that time or gone, had a chance to try out. I was one of those people.

It was kind of scary/intimidating. We were given numbers like we were running a race. I tried to take a deep breath and forget about how nervous I was. Apparently, I was able to relax a little too much. When asked if I had any special talents, I was eager to show what I could do. And of course, what better to show during an audition than the splits. I slowly lowered myself into the splits, which impressed the judges. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was getting up.

Anyone who knows me well knows my knees are a little…weak, I guess you could say. When I was in karate, they popped out every once in a while. Sometimes I needed help getting up. Well, at the time of my audition, after everyone was amazed by the spectacle I performed, I tried to get back up. I couldn’t. I felt stuck. I tried to position myself in a good place to push myself up, but I was too eager to stand. I rushed it, and ended up causing my knee to pop out. Thankfully, it went back in right away, but it hurt a lot, and I sort of stumbled around, hobbling back to a standing position.

I didn’t know if people noticed or not, but I turned the color of a ripe tomato. Of course, Craig and I were able to laugh about it last night, because it was a long time ago. At the time, it was so awkward and uncomfortable having to finish the rest of the audition. But I was so glad I did try out, even if I was embarrassed a time or two. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. It was quite the thrill.

I like looking back on those days and laughing at the silly things I did. Like the time I wore a tank top and shorts when Craig and I went for a run outside on a chilly day in March. I don’t know what I was thinking. It wasn’t balmy weather. Not in the least. It gives us a lot to laugh about and smile back on. I have a lot of stories. We both do. Didn’t you notice the fun picture I have of Craig from last night at Target?


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