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A deer in the forest and a prayer

on November 6, 2015

Craig and I were able to go to a Packer game this year. It was Craig’s first game, and my second one. The last time I had been to Lambeau was when I was a little girl… Maybe 12 or so.

Stepping into the stadium took my breath away. The view made it worth the crazy traffic we experienced, despite our efforts to be early. I think Craig was enjoying it too. We were just glad we found our seats and were able to breathe for a bit.

It took a little time to get out of the parking area, but it didn’t take nearly as long as we anticipated. We were lucky. On our way back, we were hungry, so we stopped at a small McDonalds right next to a gas station. Craig ordered enough chicken nuggets to feed both of us for himself, and I got a chicken sandwich (he did need my help, by the way 🙂 ).

After a little bit, we got on the road again. We were driving along when a deer jumped in front of us from out of a ditch. It hit the passenger side where I was and made a loud noise. At first, I didn’t even know what happened. I didn’t know if it was a tire or what… Craig knew right away. I couldn’t believe it, because I didn’t even see it. We were on a highway when it happened, so we pulled over and checked things out. We were beyond blessed to discover we still had a working headlight, but most importantly, we were both absolutely fine. Just a little stunned and freaked out.

Wait… did she just say blessed? They were blessed to have one headlight instead of two?

While it was true, it was unfortunate we hit a deer, it could have been a lot worse than it was. We said our prayers before driving. So why did anything even happen to begin with?


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Good question. The truth is, I have no idea. What I do know is God was watching out for us. Not so good things happen in this world. It’s a fact. It’s because of sin. Here’s the good news… We have God.

Does that mean if we didn’t pray we would have ended up in the hospital? Maybe, maybe not. There are no guarantees in life. One sure thing we have to hold on to is God and His grace and mercy. God is merciful. We might not always understand what He’s doing. Sometimes it makes no sense. We don’t have to try and figure it out. We never would be able to understand it all.

Do you ever feel like a deer’s jumping out at you? Something in your life just smacked you on your back and you can’t breathe? I think most people know what this feels like, at least a little. Some more than others.

If we believe God is for us, we can be sure He’s working to do amazing things. We might not be able to see it because there might be a giant deer in our way. A giant load of debt, a divorce, sickness, a death… But He is. He’s working. We need to hold on and continue to have faith. It can be hard. It can leave us bruised. It can leave us broken. Thank goodness God came to restore just those types of things. The outcome will be beautiful. It just might take some time.


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