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Tip #19

on September 1, 2015

This tip has 3 parts to it.

  1. Don’t park underneath pine trees when it’s hot outside. The sap could drip on your car and it’s really quite nasty.
  2. Don’t try to remove the sap with a tough scrubbing pad of sorts. It leaves little scratches on your paint.
  3. Don’t try to clean the sap when you’re emotionally distressed because a giant flock of flying bugs are headed towards you. You won’t think rationally.

    Picture from

    Picture from

I did all of the above, I regret to say. One day I was looking at my car and discovered glue like spots all over my car. I couldn’t figure out what it was until Craig suggested it might be sap from the trees. It was outside and it melted unto my car. I’m proud of my little vehicle, so I tried picking off the sap with my fingers. It was not only difficult, but it was nearly impossible. I was overheated and my mind was on other things, so I grabbed a scrubbing pad. When I came outside, Craig was spraying the hose into the air at a swarm of bugs. They were flying everywhere and crawling on the house… It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Pretty terrifying, really. Later on, I discovered the scrubbing pad left little marks in the areas I was cleaning. Which, really does make sense. I just wasn’t thinking straight. The bug attack alone was enough to keep my mind occupied!


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