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Forbidden fruit of the refrigerator

on June 21, 2015

For the last few days, I’ve brought a peach with me as a part of my lunch for work. It all started when I was packing some chips and a sandwich, but was in desperate need of a fruit or veggie to take with too. At my house, we have a refrigerator in our kitchen and in the garage. I didn’t find anything in the kitchen, so I went out to the garage. We sometimes keep apples or oranges in a drawer out there to save space. Sure enough, I found some delightful peaches. Thinking it was a perfect option, I brought one along.

The peach tasted so good that first day, I decided to bring one the next day, and then the day after that. When I was making my lunch today, I mentioned to my mom I was going to go grab a peach from the garage. She paused and said, “Have you taken some before?” I said yes. She started laughing and said she blamed their continuing disappearance on my 8-year-old sister. Apparently the peaches were for a pie my mom was going to make my dad. My younger sister wanted to eat them in the worst way, and although she had prevented her from taking them, I had no idea. So of course because my sister had begged and begged for a peach, my mom assumed she was sneaking out to take them when all along it was me. I had eaten probably 4 out of the 12 – all of which were needed for the pie.

I officially got the go ahead to eat the rest of them. So good news for me! And perhaps good news for my little sister. Looks like Mom will need to buy more peaches for the pie. My mom said she was going to tell my sister about the mix-up, but thought of the consequences, saying Beth would say, “I told you so!”

And yet another advantage to being the oldest. You can eat peaches intended for a pie and have it blamed on a younger sibling without even trying!




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