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Graduation surprises…?

on May 27, 2015

It’s a strange thought thinking I might not have any homework for the rest of my life…that is, if I don’t end up at grad school. School is something I’ve done for so long, it feels odd knowing I won’t be enrolled in any classes for the fall. Graduation was here and then gone in a blur, but it was most certainly an interesting one. I waited to walk into Zorn Arena at UWEC next to the most funny and interesting guys and fellow graduates. One of them had half a beef stick in his pocket, coffee in hand, and sandals on his feet. The other sported a blue tie with swirls that changed with the position of the lights. And still another said he showered but forgot deodorant; he wanted to give us a heads up. Their funny, relaxed graduatecomments and persons made me feel more comfortable waiting to walk into the arena full of people who would be watching us. We had good laughs before the ceremony started.

A few days before hand, my biggest concerns were I wouldn’t know what to do, or I would trip going up the steps to get my diploma. I came home Friday night after work, the day before graduation, and discovered a horrible truth.

I had lice. Granted it was only one or so, but it was still absolutely disgusting and terrifying. My younger sister had gone to a party and my mom found some on her and started cleaning everything. She sprayed her hair and washed it with special shampoo. In fact, my mom had done a great job. If she hadn’t, I’m sure it would have been a lot worse. I never imagined the night before my graduation would be so eventful. Luckily, we were able to get rid of it and I was good to go by the morning. I’ve been “clean” ever since. I’m thankful that’s all over, and I’m thankful I finished the semester on a high note. A lot of our plans were interrupted, but that’s the way life goes. Things come up, things happen. It’s one of the main things I’ve learned through college.

On a positive note, I didn’t trip on the stairs. Turns out, it was the least of my worries!



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