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A hodgepodge and a hedgehog

on January 31, 2015

Hello everyone!

I’m getting so close to graduation. I can hardly believe it! Classes just started back up at UWEC this week. I found myself in the final and top journalism class. It’s amazing and also intimidating sometimes to be in a room with so many great and talented students.

Everything feels a little different this semester. I only have 9 credits, and one of them is online since there were no sections offered in class. I guess I don’t mind. I have experience taking online classes, but just during the winter.

I’m thinking about writing on Africa and projects like Teamwork Africa in our area that raise money and do other things to help our brothers and sisters over the oceans for my first story. If any of you know biddy-hedgehog-16anything about different programs in Eau Claire or if you’re a part of them, I would love to chat with you about it.

This post feels like a hodgpodge, probably because it is. Now for the hedgehog!

So one of the people I work with has two hedgehogs named Russel and Emma. I had never seen a real one in person, so they told me to come check them out.

I was not disappointed. Russel was about the size of my hand and he curled up in a pokey ball when I held him. His quills weren’t soft, but they weren’t sharp. My friend told me they can get sharp, very sharp, if he were to get scared. We put him on the table and he ended up finding his way in the cover of a box of cards and peeing. After that, we put him in the sink. He didn’t seem to mind that.

I loved seeing the hedgehogs and holding them! They’re truly adorable. I guess they don’t live a very long time, and they need special heat on them so they can stay alive and well. If they get too cold, my friend said they can go into hibernation and not wake up. Basically, I learned that I love hedgehogs.

When I was a little girl, I remember reading the Animal Ark books and I think one of them was about hedgehogs. I was hooked even back then! I used to spend all my allowance on books at Borders when they were still in business in Eau Claire. Those were great times.

And now you see why this post was about hodgepodges and hedgehogs. 🙂



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