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Dessert laughs

on August 31, 2014

It’s true. I never thought I would say it, but I actually had some dessert misunderstandings when I was in France.

Thankfully, everything I had was beyond AMAZING.

I fell in love with these yummies.

I fell in love with these yummies.

One night when I was at my host home, we were served a delicious looking pudding sort of dessert. I opened the top of it right away and immediately shoved my spoon in it several times in an attempt to stir it. My host mom gasped a little and asked what I was doing. I told her I was stirring it, and she laughed and told me that wasn’t how it worked. Thankfully for me, my roommate was right there to explain to our host mom that a lot of people from where we live like to stir pudding like desserts before we eat it. Our host mom told us we were supposed to tip the jelly dessert upside down, and it will stay in a nice little mold. Because I wanted to do it the right way, I shook the dessert from the cup. Since I had stabbed it with my spoon several times, the contents went all over my plate in one giant mess. I took a bite of it right away and said how much I liked it. And it was good! We all had a good laugh.

One night when I was working on my interviews, I went and had a cake/pie like dessert with a kind older woman. She was talking to me in French about the dessert and also about duck liver, which my host mom said is a delicacy. She gave me a can after serving dessert, and I had thought she said it was a cream. My mind figured I was supposed to put it on my dessert since she was showing me how to open it. I started to try and open it, but thankfully, no one noticed. When I saw that no one else was trying to open their can, I decided I wouldn’t either. I put in my backpack and brought it home to show my host mom. I was saved! Dessert was yummy, and we were able to save the duck liver for a later occasion.

Now that I’m home, I really miss a lot of those little moments I had… the laughter and smiles… trying to think of the meaning of French words. It’s a memory now, but they’re sweet memories.




2 responses to “Dessert laughs

  1. Hungrycookie says:

    Mm macarons are the best

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