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Back in the game, French style!

on July 16, 2014

I made it! It has been over a week now, but I’m in Nice, France on my reporting trip. Life has been an incredible journey over here in Europe. I remember when I first got here, I was worried about time changes since France is about 7 hours ahead of Wisconsin, but I adjusted faster than I thought I would. I barely slept on the plane ride… Probably only 3 hours or so in and out. I forced myself to stay awake when I landed which was extremely hard the first day.

Can't believe I saw Sylvester Stallone's hand print in Cannes, France. Incredible!

Can’t believe I saw Sylvester Stallone’s hand print in Cannes, France. Incredible!

My roommate, Sam, is from Canada. She is quite fantastic and has been saving my life since I got here. I burnt my shoulders horribly our first full day here and she gave me some cream to put on it. She has also shared her cookies, shampoo, conditioner, and other odds and ends with me as well. I also live with another girl from Switzerland named Larissa. She is very nice as well and she speaks very good French. I had 2 other roommates from Wales, but they left to go back home a few days ago. I miss them a lot. They were only 15 years old… The sweetest and bravest girls I know. Emma was a little picky with food at times, but she was a doll and always made me smile. I feel sad when I wonder if I will ever see them again. Having them around made me feel at home in a foreign country in a host home.

Speaking of host homes and the like, my host mom is amazing. She is so funny and tells great stories. One night I came home from the beach and saw her leaning over the table working on something. I found out she was intensely focused on making candle holders with intricate swirl designs. It was incredible. She made a mobile and furniture as well. Her garden is a passion to her too. Working with her hands is all she wants to do. It makes her happy, and the thrill she gets from it makes me excited for her.

My host mom speaks great English. When I first arrived, she thought I spoke way more French than I actually did. She thought I was joking when I told her I didn’t understand her at the dinner table. We all had a good laugh when we finally figured out who spoke what.

I know I’ve gone away from writing as much as I used to online, but I definitely realized today how much I love blogging and miss doing it. It’s time to get back in the game with more stories from France!


2 responses to “Back in the game, French style!

  1. LisaListed says:

    Sounds so exciting! Enjoy your trip, look forward to reading more! I’m from Canada too, but probably don’t know Sam 😉

  2. kimbalarcl says:

    Aww, thank you, Lisa! I appreciate it 🙂 Sam is a great person! She’s a lot of fun. More to come soon!

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