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Walk by faith, not by sight

on March 27, 2014

I can honestly say I never really knew what it meant to walk by faith until now.

For a long time, I thought I was walking by faith. In my heart, I knew I wasn’t doing exactly that. I assumed I knew how my life was going to turn out. I had it planned out in a way, not to a “T,” but I certainly had my expectations.

Instead of taking every day for what it was worth, I spent a lot of time thinking about the future and worrying about keeping up with people my age. It seemed really important to walk-by-faithme at the time.

Over the course of a year, all of the plans I thought I had suddenly don’t seem real anymore. For the first time in a while, I feel I honestly don’t know what the future holds for me. I find it funny that I thought I could actually predict what would happen in my life. And now I’ve come to this place where I understand how important it is for me to walk by faith. Because none of us know what the future holds, why in the world would we try to use our eyes to guide us? Our eyes can be deceiving and play tricks on us. Mine did. While not knowing what the future may hold is frightening, it isn’t nearly as intimidating if you hold on to God. God will give you the answers you seek. The answers no one can give you.

This subject has been on my mind and heart a lot lately, so I wrote an original poem about it for my English class called “Clay Eyes.” I hope you enjoy it!

“Clay Eyes” by Amelia Kimball

I am blind.

My eyes are baked shut like hot, hard clay.

I can’t feel much.

My heart of all things

seems to be cracking


but yet numb.

I stumble along a path filled with obstacles.

I keep falling

skinning my knees

till they’re bloody and scarred.


Why is it that I try to walk using my eyes

when clearly I cannot see?

It may be that I am stubborn.

For all of my life, I thought I knew

exactly what each new chapter would bring

until I learned a hard lesson.

Life isn’t always what it seems.

It isn’t predictable.

It shouldn’t be put into a box.

Take everything one day at a time.


The path that I walk

is hard. My throat is burning…

screaming for water.

The sun shows me no mercy.

It beats me like a whip.

I feel sorry for myself

until I realize I haven’t been following

the directions and signs placed clearly in front of me

I may be blind, but I could almost feel

the presence of the clues…

the help I once refused.


While I was out walking one day,

which is all I do every day,

I heard the voice of a kind man.

he seemed soothing,

The source of eternal peace.

I came to find out

he had been there all along.

I just never took the time to listen for anyone.

You see,

I thought I was alone in that wasteland.

Who would want to pay attention to me?

A stammering, blind fool

who can’t even walk in a straight line?

“I do,” said the man

as if he could read my mind.


Since that day

the man and I continue to travel together.

I can honestly say

I’ve never been so happy to be blind.

It was only in my blindness

that I learned how to see.



One response to “Walk by faith, not by sight

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you friends for sharing the article is quite interesting, hopefully we all get that true happiness rays began to warm our hearts and make the heart glad, when we can share with each other sincerely. Lots of love from Gede Prama 🙂 🙂

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