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Are you waiting for those lemons to turn into lemonade?

on January 26, 2014

Once again readers, I’m so sorry for the delay in a post. Life has been changing constantly since I came back from Puerto Rico. I often wonder what God’s doing with me…what His plans are.Fresh Lemons and Lemonade

A lot of times, it’s hard for me to see what good will come out of a bad situation. My friend Teresa said something to me that struck my heart strongly and changed my thoughts on the rough patches in life. She said to me…Wouldn’t it be horrible if there wasn’t a purpose for all parts of life? Or if bad things didn’t happen for a reason?

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life gives us lemons. But haven’t you noticed lemons can be used to make lemonade? Just a add a little sweetness.

I believe all things work out for those who love and serve the Lord. I’m not giving up yet. I can only see a little part of the masterpiece God is working on. The masterpiece that is my life. It reminds me of a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called “God is God.” Part of the song goes like this:

“And the pain falls like a curtain on the things I once called certain. And I have to say the words I fear the most, I just don’t know. And the questions without answers come and paralyze the dancer. So I stand here on the stage afraid to move, afraid to fall…oh, but fall I must on this truth that my life has been formed from the dust. God is God and I am not. I can only see a part of the picture He’s painting. God is God and I am man, so I’ll never understand it all, for only God is God.”

These words describe my life perfectly at the moment. But I won’t let fear hold me in place. I won’t let uncertainty hold me back. I will keep moving forward with God by my side. I know my lemons will make lemonade soon.



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