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Tip #14

on January 12, 2014

If your New Year’s resolution was to avoid sweets, I have an excellent tip for you. 

Find what you’re craving in a vending machine. Pay a dollar and ten cents and watch as the candy bar stays put. You want to shake the machine, but you’re a little nervous. Instead of doing that, you decide to pay for the candy bar again. So…you end up paying for 2 candy bars and only getting one.

It’s that simple. You’ll never want to try it again. 



4 responses to “Tip #14

  1. Hi Amelia, I just spent some time exploring your blog . . . I do that from X 2 X. I don’t want to shut down my computer without commenting on the article I found, namely, “Trouble in Paradise.” Grandpa and I were more or less in the loop while you were in Puerto Rico, so I can’t say we didn’t know you were not having a very good experience. I do want you to know, though, that we are so very grateful that your are home safe and sound. God is good! We believe that in time you will be aware of more positives you have brought home with you than you currently realize. I would have liked talking with you about your experience(s) there while you were here at Christmas. Maybe when you and Craig get to visit us again there’ll be some time for that. We love you Sweetheart. Lots of love, hugs, & prayers, Grankma K.

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