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Craig’s first haircut

on November 14, 2013

baby-hair-cutting   Yes, believe it or not, Craig had his very first haircut done by someone other than his dad the other day.  

This story kind of goes back a little ways. When Craig and I first started dating, his dad always cut his hair. Always. I even got to watch it one time. It is quite the art form! I remember asking Craig if he ever had his hair done at a hair place, but he never had. I was so surprised! I myself greatly enjoy going to get my hair cut. Ever since I got bangs, I’ve had to cut those about once a month to keep them from getting too long. I’ve been doing that myself and it seems to work ok.

Anyway, getting back to the story about Craig’s hair… He mentioned to me one day that he wanted his hair cut. (Craig likes his hair short; I like it better longer. Of course, I always find him very handsome.) I volunteered to try and cut his hair. I was feeling brave because I had been cutting my own bangs. I somehow convinced him to let me try, so I gave the back of his hair and bangs a bit of a trim. I also shaved the back to clean it up a bit. While I was cutting his hair, he kept twisting and turning around to see how much hair I cut off.

I saw him a few days later after I had attempted to clean him up a little. I opened the door to his car when he picked me up from work and saw he had gotten a haircut! I knew he hadn’t gone all the way home to have it done, so of course, I had to ask about it. He told me about it and gave me a verdict…He liked it! It was his favorite haircut yet. 🙂


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