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What trusting God looks like…

on November 7, 2013

This week, Craig and I have been thinking about God and trusting in Him completely. As some of you may know, I am back home now. A lot of new things have come my way since being home. It has been quite the ride! I’m just so thankful I know such a great God who has been looking out for me the whole time. trust-in-the-lord

Recently, Craig left his job in search of something new. I’m so proud of him, and I’m really happy he’s learning to trust in God and wait for a new opportunity. He is taking the first steps by filling out applications, but he’s letting God lead, waiting to hear what He has to say and feeling that check in his spirit about all that comes around.

Craig and I came up with an idea I really love. Each time we feel overwhelmed, stressed, concerned, or even if we feel fine, we think to ourselves, what does trusting God look like today? I like to wake up every morning and think just that…what does trusting God look like today?

Maybe trusting God looks like having a full time job and not having enough time for family, maybe it’s not having a job and waiting for the right opportunity, maybe it’s having a sick family member or loved one. Trusting God may look like something new every day.

It’s amazing how free I feel after I think about what trusting God looks like. When I say it out loud, it’s even more freeing. I would encourage all of you to think about what trusting the Lord looks like everyday. I’m sure you’ll be on your way to feeling lighter and brighter in Christ!


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