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Living the island life but feeling like I’m from Mexico

on September 20, 2013

I’ve made it 5 weeks! 5 weeks. It’s a little hard to believe sometimes. I was telling my friend the other day that in some ways, I feel like I haven’t been here in Puerto Rico very long at all. However, in other ways, it feels like I’ve been here much longer.

A girl from UWEC called me the other day after I agreed to talk to her about my experience here so far for the school newspaper. I was honest about my feelings and I had some fun things to share. I told her a lot of people back home had told me after 2 weeks of exchange, I wouldn’t be homesick anymore; I would come to really enjoy my life in Puerto Rico. Those people were correct in some ways…I’ve very much enjoyed my life here in Puerto Rico. There are some really amazing sites here! Absolutely gorgeous beaches, lovely night views, an interesting and diverse culture, and great music and food. But for me, I’ve missed home more as time has continued.

I love talking to my family on the phone or on the computer. It’s great to hear them! I also like talking to Craig too. We talked over the computer for a while the other day, and it was hard because I was missing him so much. To cheer me up, he showed me some new songs he learned how to play on his guitar. What a talented man I have in my life! I enjoyed it very much, but I felt a little sad because it reminded me of winter nights driving around town with the heat all the way up and snow falling outside the window while we sang the same songs he played to me over the computer. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring back sweet memories from chilly Wisconsin that get me.

I know that when I go back home, I’m going to miss what I have here…and that’s the thing…I really care about all of the wonderful people here so very much, and they aren’t going to be following me back to Wisconsin (at least, I don’t think they will lol 🙂 ). My friends are some amazing people, and they come from all different places: Chile, Mexico, New York, Cali, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Puerto Rico, and the list goes on. I’ve enjoyed having a chance to meet people from all over the world. It makes me realize that people are pretty much the same no matter where they come from. I want to make sure I get to continue my friendships with these people for much longer than the 3 months I have remaining here on the island. What we have here is too cool and fun to throw away after that time.

At Tijuana's with my great group of friends. What a cool restaurant! Thanks to whomever took this picture...Jessica H., I believe

At Tijuana’s with my great group of friends. What a cool restaurant! Thanks to whomever took this picture…Jessica H., I believe.

One of my favorite nights here in Puerto Rico was actually about a week ago. We went out to dinner to celebrate Mexico’s independence. It was a great time! We started the evening by going out to a festival in Old San Juan and checking out what was happening. It was so cool! I really liked seeing what everyone was selling and enjoying the beautiful weather. The view across the ocean by the harbor was absolutely incredible. I could look at it all day every day. It was amazing. We had dinner in a Mexican restaurant near the beautiful view, and I could actually still see it quite clearly when we were in the restaurant. A mariachi band played great music while we ate, and we all sang together and enjoyed the night. I really enjoyed myself! I feel like I have some Latin American culture in me now. 🙂

As time goes on, I try to remember to cherish every moment even when I’m missing home. What I have here isn’t going to last forever, so I try to make every day a great day here on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, my second home.


2 responses to “Living the island life but feeling like I’m from Mexico

  1. Grandma K. says:

    hi Amelia, i’m still stopping by the library to check my email and today took a few minutes to check out your blog. Grandpa’s here with me, so he can see it, too. Looks like things are running along very nicely for you. We think of you a lot and keep you in our prayers always. I sent Steve’s email address to you a while ago. If you didn’t get it, let me know & I’ll send it again. Grandpa says “Hi” and Love you.” Lots of love, hugs, & prayers. Grandma K.

    • kimbalarcl says:

      Thank you for your note, Grandma! It’s good to hear from you. 🙂 I did get his email, thank you! Things are going pretty well here, yes. Say hi to Grandpa for me! I can’t wait to see all of you again soon 🙂

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