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Squirrels = Lizards

on August 17, 2013

Well, I made it! It wasn’t easy. Honestly, this is one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever done. I survived the plane ride even after I missed my first flight. That was so scary! I wasn’t sure how everything was going to work out, but it did.

At Plaza las Americas (The mall)

At Plaza las Americas (The mall)

When I got to Puerto Rico, I had to ask about my bag that had already arrived quite a few hours ago. Once it was found, I went outside to try and find a taxi. Thankfully, a man driving a cab came to get me and take me to my school. God provided! Upon arriving, several girls greeted me and helped me take my things up to my room. I was touched by their kindness. I tried my best to relax and remain calm, but the stress of the day was too much. I had never flown before, and I felt like I had been running around all day. I cried in my room for a little while, wishing I could somehow see my family and Craig. That same night, I met my resident assistant and she welcomed me and found me some blankets I could use. Mine were all in the boxes I had sent to Puerto Rico before I got there. The woman that had my boxes was not around when I landed in San Juan on Thursday night.

After trying unsuccessfully to relax, I called Craig and my parents. I talked to them for a while and then fell asleep. I was so exhausted.

The next morning, I peeked around campus by myself and checked out the area. I talked to my mom on the phone and was surprised to see several medium sized lizards running around the grass. They startled me a little, but not too much. The amount of lizards around reminded me of how many squirrels live near my campus at UWEC. It seemed to me that the number of lizards at Sagrado, my school in Puerto Rico, was similar to the number of squirrels at UWEC. One lizard didn’t have an arm, so I felt bad for him. I was happy knowing that he would probably grow it back.

Later that day, my resident assistant took me to Walmart along with some other friends. It was a great time! The Walmart was very big with different levels, escalators and elevators. I liked it a lot, especially since some kind of salsa music was playing. After that experience, I felt like I was beginning to adjust a little better to my new environment.

Today was great as well! I met another one of the resident assistants, and she is also so nice and helpful. She took my friend and I to a large mall that reminded me of the Mall of America. It was very neat! I had a delicious potato for lunch with cheese and turkey as toppings. I got it from a place called Hot Potato. We also went to Kmart.

When we were back on campus, she showed us around a little bit. After that we went our separate ways to cool down from the heat. It’s very hot here! The breeze helps a lot, but there isn’t always one around.

Each day seems to get slightly easier than the last, and I always try to remember what my mom told me. She said, “God didn’t send you there to fail.” I do believe He is with me, as He has given me nice and helpful friends and provided me with all I need to succeed. There is no reason to fear.


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