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Sleepy company

on July 21, 2013

It was recently my last day working at WWIB until December. I can’t believe how fast this summer is going! July is coming to a quick close all too soon. I bet it will go even faster as I will be on a family vacation to South Carolina the last week in July and into August. It’s going to be quite 1013533_555593534498758_2001581656_nthe adventure, especially with my little brother and sister along for a very lengthy car ride.

I think I’m going to miss my family a lot, as well as my home…Wisconsin in general. It will be strange coming back to chilly weather after having an extended summer. Fall is also my favorite season and my birthday is in October, so I’ll miss the time when the leaves change colors.

Getting back to my first statement, Craig came along with me to the station on my last day working before my trip. I always love when he comes because it means I have company. The station  is normally pretty quiet on Sundays. I was hoping Craig would come along with me some time this summer, and it worked out perfectly that he came with me on my last day. He went to a movie the night before, a scary movie at that, so I’m not surprised that he was a little tired. When he comes with me, he usually is at least a little tired. However, he’s never fallen asleep before. 

He did pretty well when we first got to the station. He was up and walking around, checking out the new posters and pictures…stuff like that. Eventually when I began to do more of my busy work, Craig fell asleep in one of the chairs in our conference room with a book in his hands and then he later fell asleep on my bag. He was definitely out, so I played some soft tunes just for fun. I played a song by Skillet not long after those songs but he still slept quietly in the chair next to me. Good thing he doesn’t snore! I probably would have had to wake him. 57916_555593277832117_1162392750_n

All in all, it was a great day! I got to come home after work and drink some pop and have a turkey sandwich with Cheetos. And work went very well too. I love having company, even if it’s sleepy company.


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