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Part 2: It’s seriously as if I’m moving there

on July 9, 2013

Today came with great satisfaction. I slept in for way longer than I intended, and then I woke up to a cup of coffee and yummy cereal (which I usually don’t enjoy…I’m not the biggest fan of cereal). Craig and I spent time in the kitchen talking to my mom and relaxing. It was a great way to start the day!

After our moments of relaxation were over, Craig and I got to work packing two large boxes full of supplies for my trip. The boxes were from moving-boxes1Subway, originally used to hold chips. I’m lucky I work there. It comes in handy when I need boxes for things. I found out Craig is excellent when it comes to packing! He was a big help. We wrapped everything in plastic bags and got things squeezed in next to each other. From blankets to measuring utensils, we got the job done. Half way through the process, I realized I forgot something I didn’t want to leave behind. I ran upstairs and grabbed my picture of Craig off my desk, carefully wrapped it in a bag, and put it in the box. Going through the motions of filling those boxes made me feel a little sad. I only have about 40 days left in Wisconsin before my flight.

Eventually, Mom and I made it to the post office and dropped off my boxes. One weighed 28 pounds and the other was 17. It was a good thing the postwoman asked if I had any sprays in my boxes because I didn’t realize they could explode under pressure. I removed my Pam and shaving cream, thankful other people know a lot more about flying than I do. This whole process has been a learning experience for sure. I feel like I’m playing a game called “Get me to Puerto Rico on time.” It seems there’s always so much to do, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve taken my time.

I know the days before my trip will go by quickly, especially since a lot will be going on before then. I have one more box to fill with some nonperishable foods so I don’t have to feel anxious about cooking my first day on the island. It’s going to be quite the adventure!


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