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It’s seriously as if I’m moving there

on June 6, 2013

The other day my mom bought me a giant purple suitcase to go with this cute smaller suitcase she got for me a couple months back. I can’t say I was super excited when I found out my present was a suitcase, but I was very thankful for it. I don’t own any travel gear, so it was good to get some.

Lately, I haven’t been packing for my trip or doing much to prepare for it, but I have been thinking about what I have to bring ever since my mom asked me if I made a list of what I need to take with me. I emailed one of my coordinators at the school, and she told me each room has a TV, closet, desk, bed, fridge, microwave, oven, and sink. If there isn’t a bathroom in the room, there is one close by. It sounds amazing for a dorm room! However, it doesn’t have plates or forks or anything like that…I will need to get those myself and make sure I have what I need. I was thinking I could maybe find out who my roommate is so I can ask her what she’s planning on bringing. It’s going to be a big adventure.

My cute suitcases

My cute suitcases

I also have to pack sheets, a pillow, and blankets too. It seems the air conditioner will be on often, so although it’ll be warm in San Juan, I should make sure I have warm items with me. I get cold easily.

Some days are harder than others when I think about leaving behind all I know and love here. I know it’s only for four months, but still…that’s a long enough amount of time. And with all this packing I’ll need to do, I feel like I’m moving there! I guess I am for a little while anyway. As long as I trust in God and let Him guide me, I know He will watch over me while I’m gone and always.


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