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If you see a dog or bat…RUN AWAY

on May 7, 2013

It’s official! I survived my travel clinic appointment at Mayo. It was the day of the terrible snow storm of course, so I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it in. Although I didn’t make it to my morning music class, my brother and I got to campus safely around noon. It was a chilly day, but later on, Craig and I braved the cold to head over to the clinic. 10829529-ice-drink

I didn’t have to wait long to be called back, so that was refreshing. A nurse took my blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. After that, we talked about my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. We talked about how long I would be gone, what my plans for study are, what types of areas I would visit, and what types of foods I should avoid. I tried to listen carefully so I wouldn’t miss a single detail. She recommended I drink bottled water, keep my mouth closed in the shower, stay away from drinks with ice, and try to eat mostly hot, well-cooked food. 

We then started talking about possible shots I might need. I was hoping for the best. I suspected I wouldn’t need more then 2 or so. The nurse and I decided hepatitis A would be a good shot to have. As she went on explaining the different choices I had for shots and such, she reached the part about rabies. I thought this was a little funny, but I held in my laughter. She said if I was to be scratched or bitten by a dog or bat, I would need immediate medical attention if I didn’t have the rabies shot. At first she said I would need to be flown into the United States because Puerto Rico wouldn’t have the right vaccines to treat such an injury. If that was indeed the case, I thought I should maybe get the rabies shot in case something happened. After all, the idea of having to fly back to the United States immediately didn’t sound very convenient.

bat_hanging_lgAfter further discussion and talking with the doctor, he said he thought Puerto Rico, especially San Juan, would be able to treat me just fine if something happened.

I ended up getting a hepatitis A shot in my shoulder. It actually was quite a weird feeling, because I felt the liquid running down my arm. Needless to say, that grossed me out a little. I rested on the bed for a little bit, wincing with small movements of my arm. Eventually, my arm started to recover, so I sat up to get ready to go.

I didn’t get the rabies shot. I figured if I saw a dog or bat, I would run away. It sounds silly, which it kind of is…but that’s why I told it to the doctor. He got a good chuckle out of it.

When I came out of my appointment, Craig was reading a magazine. (His last resort due to his boredom, I was sure.) He looked so relieved to see me. He wondered what took so long, so I told him about the bats and dogs. I think he enjoyed that.

I learned a lot that day. Certain fish are not good to eat, dogs and bats carry rabies…and the Culver’s kids’ meal is the perfect snack after getting a shot. Just don’t let Craig throw the free ice cream coupon away by accident.


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