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There’s plastic, garbage, disaster…but God says take heart!

on April 25, 2013
I always imagine this as God's hands.

I always imagine this as God’s hands.

I never have given much thought to environmental matters before this year. I signed up for a class on conservation of the environment because I thought it would be interesting. That class has proven to do more than just intrigue me.

Honestly, I think that class should be required. It changed my life. A lot of times, I don’t really remember what I learned from certain classes, and I certainly don’t expect to walk away from a class with a new outlook.

This semester was different. I never realized how much car emissions work to impact the environment. Carbon dioxide molecules can stay up in the atmosphere for what I remember being 120 years. That’s a long time! I also never gave much thought to the production and transportation that goes into clothing, food, and a number of other things.

Working in retail, and just as a normal shopper, I see how many different items of new clothing there are in stores each month, if not more then that. I wonder where all the clothing that isn’t sold goes, and I think about how much energy it took to ship the clothing or transport it to the stores.

It’s really sad to see garbage on the grounds in beautiful areas. I always knew pollution was a problem, but I never knew how big of a problem it really was. My teacher has gone on a few trips, and she brought back pictures of what were gorgeous beach environments, but they were covered in garbage. It was worse than anything I had ever seen before. We watched a video on garbage in the water, and baby sea turtles were getting small pieces of plastic lodged in their throats, suffocating them. It was so sad… In my class, we also spent a lot of time talking about the food system in America, and how chemicals are often sprayed on the plants which are then washed into water systems with precipitation.

I think most people understand there is a pollution problem. And that’s certainly not the only problem out there. The point of this post is not to discourage anyone, but actually, the contrary. I think everyone should be aware of all issues in our world and pray about them, make different living choices, and look for ways to spread the news. There are so many ways we can help to make a difference.

Sometimes things may seem grim, but God says look up! Look to Him in times of need. God won’t neglect us, and He always is looking out for us. In a lot of ways, that class taught me how to rely on God more than I do. Imagine that! When we were learning about all the problems and issues in the world, it scared me a lot. I wondered how people and animals would be able to keep living in a world full of chemicals, danger, natural disasters, war, injury, evil, and on and on and on it goes…

But fear doesn’t come from the Lord, and neither does all the bad things in our world. So why be afraid? This doesn’t mean we should sit around, hide out, and wait for someone else to make a difference. God wants us to use our talents to make a difference.

And people are doing that all the time…Check out the video below! It’s a PBS film called Making Stuff Cleaner. Honestly, one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Set aside some time and check it out!


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