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We like to waddle, waddle

on April 15, 2013

It has been a wonderful weekend! Truly, I have been beyond blessed.61560_514168428641269_1208826854_n

Friday night I worked for a few hours. I love my jobs. All of them are so great! In retail, I greatly enjoy helping people find satisfaction in not only what they wear, but who they are. I’ve found I can really connect with people, even at a clothing store. God puts so many wonderful opportunities in our lives to talk with people. We just need to take them.

Saturday was the Viennese Ball at UW-Eau Claire. It was a fantastic time, as usual. I did have a little problem with my dress though.

Not long ago, I bought a beautiful puffy pink dress with elegant beading. It fit fine when I tried it on, but when I got home after buying it, my parents had a hard time zipping it up. To this day, I’m not sure what happened. Yesterday, my parents couldn’t zip it up. My dad grabbed a pair of pliers to try and force it up, but he pulled the zipper from the teeth. I’m going to need to get that fixed so I can sell it to someone, but the whole situation literally blows my mind. Needless to say, I didn’t get to wear that dress yesterday. Instead, I wore my mom’s midnight blue silk-like gown. I felt very pretty and grown up in it. What started out as a sad morning, turned out to be a great day. In the end, I felt more womanly…plus I got to eat a delicious piece of cake!

About that cake…Last year, Craig got me a piece of rich chocolate cake. The taste was so unforgettable, I had to have another slice this year. He got me a piece of a chocolate peanut butter cup cake, and it was fantastic. If it wasn’t so heavy, I would have likely been able to eat 2 pieces. We sat together at a table near some colorful lighting and listened to harp music. It was very relaxing.

We left those enchanted seats to watch our friend dance. She’s in competitive ballroom, and her group performed a few dances that I thought were amazing. She’s so talented! It looked like a lot of fun, so I told Craig I wanted to learn how to do that someday.

After watching her and then an acapella group, Craig and I ventured to the dance floor for some waltzing. We did much better then last year, not taking as many steps, and having more fun than worrying about what others were doing. The orchestra is always fantastic, so it felt like we were in a large ballroom in Vienna.

When we went to do a swing dance, a man stepped on the back of my foot. It probably wouldn’t have hurt quite as much if I would have been wearing a real shoe. I had black slipper flats on; nothing with real support to them. It hurt a lot, so Craig and I had to fight our way out of the swarms of people to get to the outside of the dance floor.

Believe me when I say it was difficult. There were people everywhere. People were really getting their swing on! It would be so easy to hit someone in the face with twirling hands and arms in such a packed area.

We didn’t dance much after that, but we had a great time. I was so thankful for such a wonderful evening! And this year, we could actually dance because people weren’t stepping on my dress the whole time. (I wore a fairly long dress last year.)

This year’s ball was refreshing and fun. Craig and I got our swing on, but it was more of a tiny penguin waddle sway thing than anything else. Personally, I can’t think of anything more romantic.


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