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Journalists watch basketball games in swimsuits

on April 9, 2013

Of course the weekend I have the most homework of the semester falls on the days my family and I were planning to go the Dells. At first I wasn’t sure if I should go because I had so much to do. However, I decided missing out on dinner out, water rides, and a huge 13083415841104470518road-trip1bed to sleep in was too good to pass up.

It was a long car ride, let me tell you. The whole 2 hours…something like that anyway. Yes, it’s true, I am not the happiest camper when it comes to car rides or staying in any place for too long of a time. I brought my computer and started doing my Spanish homework, but the WiFi card died. These kinds of situations make me wonder how I’ll be able to sit on a plane for double that time, probably even longer.

After we got to our hotel, we went to lunch at a place with several toy trains running inside. The trains brought food to your table. It was so cool! Sadly, our table wasn’t close enough to the trains, so we had our food delivered the normal way. I enjoyed myself though, and the cheese pizza I had was delicious.

SnackLater that afternoon, we went swimming in the water park. My younger siblings were a little too excited to get in the water, especially my brother Zach. (He’s 4.) He loves to run away from my parents at top speeds. I guess he climbed into the tree house toy structure in the water park, and my dad had to chase after him. Sometimes when he’s running away from my parents, I know I should help them, but I’m too busy laughing, bent over in pain, from the hilariousness of the situation. I went on a lot of rides with my sister, including my favorite ride. It’s a lot of fun. The initial drop is fairly steep, and then you move into this giant funnel. The water tube you ride slides up and down the sides of the funnel at a fast pace, and the ride ends with another drop into a pool of water. I love it! I wanted to keep going down that ride for awhile, but I knew I had to get back to the room and do some homework.

One of my assignments over the weekend for my journalism class was to watch a sports game and write a story on it. I don’t watch a lot of sports besides football, but I watched a whole NBA basketball game for what was I think the first time in my life. I got back to our room and turned on the TV to find a game. I was just in time for the Heat game against the 76ers. It wasn’t the most exciting game ever, but it wasn’t bad. The lead was usually held by one team for most of the time, but it was still pretty interesting.

Usually, I like to get cleaned off when I come back from swimming, but I was so concerned about missing a key point in the game, I sat on the bed with my swimsuit on and watched. I hardly moved the whole game, except to eat some Oreo cookies. So there I was, notebook, pen, and Oreo cookies…taking notes on vacation.

It really wasn’t too bad, though. I actually had a great time with it. My family went to dinner in the hotel, but I stayed behind to finish the game. They brought me up a yummy salad when they got back. I think if this situation ever comes up again, I won’t hesitate to watch a sports game during vacation. All I’ll need is a swimsuit and some cookies.


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