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Marshmallows are highly offensive

on March 4, 2013

This has been such a great weekend! I’ve enjoyed working at both of my jobs, spending time with friends, and I guess doing homework isn’t that bad either. I’ve had way too much pop and sugar for one human to handle, and I’ve laughed as hard as I normally do. (Or maybe sugar increases my laughter. You never know.)

 Thank you to quickmeme for this photo.

Thank you to quickmeme for this photo.

Sunday is probably my favorite day out of the week. Today was no different. I started off the morning at WWIB, came home, cleaned the bathroom, took a nap, and did homework. For dinner, my dad made something extra special for me: stir fry, but it had chicken, green peppers, pea pods, and lettuce. It was so good! I love my greens.

Zach, my 4 year old brother, loves The Lorax. He likes to act out parts from the movie. It’s so adorable, and he’s really quite good at it! It makes me laugh every time. At dinner tonight, he was practicing some of his favorite lines, and my sister Beth reminded him of one which they both recited together. I had forgotten about that line from the movie, and I found it so funny, especially seeing my younger siblings act it out.

If you haven’t seen The Lorax, check it out! It’s such a cute and fun movie for everyone. It also has a great message. One of those messages includes staying away from offering people marshmallows. The line my brother and sister quoted from the movie when the Lorax is given a marshmallow by the Once-ler is: “I’m going to eat this, but I’m highly offended by it” (The Lorax)

In reality, this movie is wonderful. It’s about forgiveness, growing, healing, and learning to love and respect the environment. And I guess you can also learn to avoid offering a marshmallow to the Lorax. Peronally, I find them to be an act of welcoming. I’m never offended by a marshmallow, and especially not by a s’more.


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