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Mike from Tenth Avenue North-a message

on February 25, 2013

I hope all of you were able to enjoy the Tenth Avenue North concert this past Thursday. It was an amazing experience! I’ve only been to a few concerts in my life, but this was one of the most incredible shows I’ve attended. It was so wonderful to feel God’s presence in the theater, and see people worshiping God together. My heart felt so moved, and I didn’t want to leave my seat. Our God is an awesome God, and I praise Him knowing I can leave the Eau Claire State Theater, walk away, and still feel God’s presence right there with me. We don’t need a Christian music band to bring God into our lives. The Lord is there waiting for us at any time of the day. He’s waiting to help us, to guide us. We can sing to God at the top of our lungs, whether we can sing well or not, whether we’re at a concert or not, whether we’re in church or not, etc. What is so powerful to know is this: the passion, heart, and presence we feel from God doesn’t come from any place or person but Him alone.

If you missed the concert, here’s a message from Mike Donehey, the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North. He gave this message at the concert, and I thought it was a wonderful reminder of God’s love for us, and the purpose He has for each of our lives.


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