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Merry Christmas from Amelia

on December 23, 2012

To all of you, have a very blessed Christmas. I’ve enjoyed every moment at the radio station this year. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for over a year already! So many wonderful events have happened since that time. It’s a truebaby-jesus-bluebird blessing to look back on this year and see how God has touched my life. I encourage all of you to set goals for yourself in this new year, and to think about what you loved about 2012. How has God been faithful in your life?

If you travel, please be safe! If you said a prayer in 2012 and you’re waiting on God for an answer, be strong and continue to listen for His voice. Don’t give up hope. God always answers prayers. Although His answer may be different than we expected, He always has the best interest for us in His heart. I myself am waiting to hear from God about something I have on my heart. At times I become discouraged, but then I remember how much He cares. The Christmas season is a time of new birth and hope. God came down as a little baby to be with us. He is a king, He is magnificent, He is above all, and yet He still came in a most humble state.  The Lord will never forget you…Remember that this Christmas and always. This new year, we can all start over, and in Christ, we can ask for forgiveness and begin again each day of our lives.

Merry Christmas, everyone! This Christmas, focus on the real reason for the season. May God be with you all in the new year!


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