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But God…I can’t wait!

on December 15, 2012

Lately, I’ve been so anxious for certain things. It reminds me of Christmas as a little girl. My parents had to set a time when we could get up Christmas morning, otherwise, we would wander around at 3am. It’s always been my favorite time of the year…so magical, 1b0a1dc81d5d4467b68d733e03da8aeebeautiful, fun, and incredible. Waiting to get dolls, kitchen sets, bikes, and then later lip gloss and new clothes, was always hard. I still find it hard to wait for Christmas sometimes. After all, it’s a relaxing time to spend with family and friends after a busy year. It’s a time to celebrate the coming of our perfect Lord.

My impatience these last few weeks has been at an all time high.

The other day, Craig and I went Christmas shopping together. I strategically left him behind at one point so I could pick up his present.  I knew it was something he had wanted, so I was beyond excited to give it to him. By the time we got out to the car, I suggested we have some sort of Christmas party that evening, especially since we were already planning on watching a movie. I felt like I was going to burst if I didn’t give him his present. I wanted to see his smile and know he liked it. And of course, I was most interested in what was in the box he had for me.

Later that night, we exchanged gifts and watched TV. We temporarily forgot about his lack of a DVD player, but TV was good all the same. Craig loved his gift, just as I had hoped. Mine was also lovely. He got me a beautiful blue and white striped dress, along with huge dangle earrings (My favorite!) and a fun ring. It was a perfect night.

Even though it was fun to open our presents early, a small part of me wishes we would have waited until it was closer to Christmas. I know if my parents would have let me open my Christmas presents when I begged them, I would have been very disappointed Christmas morning. All my brothers and sisters would have had presents to open, but mine would be gone. Even though it was hard to see why I should wait to open my presents until Christmas as a little girl, I know now it was the best time.

429422_10151191420799315_1264235625_nAs a young woman, I’m now faced with new challenges. I want what I want now. Sometimes, it’s hard to wait for God’s time. I ask Him to help me, but I don’t always understand why I feel a certain way. I think to myself, If I feel this way, why isn’t God providing a way for me? I know I’m ready. I feel it. Why hasn’t He at least given me an answer?

It’s hard to hear God’s voice when I keep asking without listening. He does hear me, and He does care. Just as my parents knew when I was supposed to open my Christmas presents, God knows the right time for all my needs and wants. There are times waiting feels impossible. I felt discouraged for a long time, but God gives hope! My friend posted a photo on Facebook with an encouraging message. It said, “Hold on. God knows what He is doing.” This fills every crack in my heart. It makes me say, Ok, God, I can do this. But only if You help me.


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