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Part 2: College will do that to you….but God is good!

on November 27, 2012

First, I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it’s already over…and to think December is in a week! One thing I’ve learned in college this semester is this: When I think all of my projects are done, there are more. There always seem to be more.

Not too long ago, I was so excited for November to come, not because of turkey dinners, but because I thought I was out of the swamp patch. College, however, isn’t terribly easy; it does require work and dedication. November is a month after midterms finish up and a month before finals, but still, there are many projects and papers scattered throughout the days. My focus for most of the month wasn’t on much more than all my homework.

Finally Thanksgiving week was coming, and I started to get sick. I didn’t think much of it, but it was annoying. It’s just another cold, I thought. Two days before Thanksgiving, I was home from school, but then my mom brought me to the hospital because I was feeling so awful. I had to wear a mask inside the building, which felt a little strange. After a few tests and such, it was determined I didn’t have strep throat. I had some sort of viral infection.

Days went by. I was getting worse. Swallowing was becoming impossible, and eating stung the back of my teeth terribly. On Thanksgiving, instead of being thankful for anything at all, I was complaining about my situation. I wondered why I wasn’t better, why the sickness had to find me of all people, why I felt so awful, etc. It was hard to think outside of myself.

Black Friday, I went back to the hospital with my mom because I was still sick. I had a new temperature of 102 the previous night. Up until that night, I had not had a fever of any kind. By now, I was worried, but too tired to think of my concerns.

After some important questions and answers and a blood test, my diagnosis was confirmed. I had mono. When I was in high school, one of my friends came down with mono, and they were gone for a while. It seemed horrible. From that moment on, I promised myself I would never get it. Silly wasn’t it? Here I was a few years later on a hospital bed with a yellow mask over my face, worried about what this meant for me in the week to come. I received some stronger pain medicine to help with my restless sleeping and sore body. After taking my pill a few times, I started to feel a bit better. It was incredible! Sitting up and walking around felt precious.

And that’s when I realized something. Being able to sit up and walk around are gifts. When I go through those motions every day, suddenly they don’t seem so amazing anymore. The fact is, God could take away anything I have at any moment…but He hasn’t. Even though being sick over break wasn’t very fun, it was better than being sick over a normal school week. Mono is a miserable sickness, but it’s much better than having some other type of illness. Imagine what it would be like to have a terminal illness!

I prayed God would help me to get well quickly, and others prayed for me as well. It was so refreshing! Today, here I am, only a little over a week after I first became sick, typing away in the UWEC library. That doesn’t mean I won’t have hard days, but God is amazing. I was sick, and I couldn’t eat much, but at least I had a little warm food to eat. Plus, I had plenty of water, blankets, and visits from the lovely Craig. It truly was a time of thanks.

And yes, college comes with work, and occasionally, there is the chance of catching something like mono mixed in there too. But remember, God is still good! He is always good.


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