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Newspapers, cheeseburgers, rain, and Famous Dave’s

on November 2, 2012

A few days, ago I was in charge of looking over our school newpaper before it was published. Everyone on staff has to do it at least a few times. Usually late into Wednesday evening when all the pages have been put into place, someone is called in to review the issue. My phone call came at about 10:40pm, so I packed up my things and headed into the office. It was a bad day to wear my contacts, because by the time I had read about five pages, my vision was starting to blur. I was having a hard time focusing for some reason. It was likely due to my eye situation and my longing for a cheeseburger. Although that very evening I had a delicious dinner at Famous Dave’s with Craig, his parents, and his brother Jason…plus Craig’s mom made an amazing pumpkin chessecake.

So there I was, thinking of my nice warm bed and cheeseburgers while correcting a newspaper. I finished correcting the paper with my friend Steve by a little after 12:30am. When I stepped outside, it seemed more like 9pm than 12:30am. The sky was an orange-purple color, and a good amount of people were walking around campus. I talked with my mom about getting home, mentioning the weather seemed pretty nice. I was thankful Craig offered to take me home, because I very tired. By the time Craig and I were walking across the bridge to get to my car, it was 1am, or after that time. It wasn’t too chilly, and the sky still seemed to be beautiful, when all of a sudden, it started to rain…it wasn’t heavy, but it definately was noticeable. I thought to myself, this isn’t so bad. As soon as that thought entered my head, the rain started coming down hard. It was pouring, and my umbrella was in my backpack of all places.

The rain was too strong to stop moving, and a certain chill had settled in. Soon, Craig and I were running across the crosswalk, our whole bodies soaked. The boots I was wearing were anything but waterproof, and I could feel my socks sticking to me. Craig shouted to me, “this is awful,” and I said, “this is the best thing ever!” We were both laughing at the humor and irony of the situation. A huge boom shot through the sky as we quickly locked ourselves in my car. The headlights on my car aren’t the best, so poor Craig was squinting to see through the sheets of rain.

It took awhile, but we finally arrived at home close to 2am. It was one of the most interesting events of my life! I certainly wasn’t expecting the day to take such an interesting turn, but I was happy. My mom offered us chili when we came in, and although it sounded amazing, we were too tired to eat. As I thought about the day, I thought about how thankful I was for what the day had brought. It had indeed been a long day, but I needed those laughs. It was nice to have that sort of stress relief for the day. It made me smile and think of God’s grace…you never know when it’s coming, but He always has a plan, and He brings His grace at times that sometimes surprise us. It’s fun to smile and say, “Thanks, God.”


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