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20 at last

on October 11, 2012

On October 3rd, I celebrated 20 years of living. I’ve been 20 for a week now, and I feel the time has quickly flown already. I’m sure my family was relieved when my party was over, as I had been reminding everyone starting this past summer of my upcoming birthday. My special day came and then it was gone…of course, not without an adventure.

I like to dress up, but if I’m scheduled to take a test, I usually like to be comfy. The day of my birthday, I had a spanish test in the morning, but Craig and I were planning on going out to dinner in the evening. Breaking my usual habbits on testing days, I wore a skirt and a pretty top. I even convinced my teen sister Grace to help me with my hair. Grace is very talented when it comes to makeup and hair, so although I could curl my hair myself, I let her do it. The best thing is, she puts a hair product in it when it’s wet, rolls it with cloth tubes, and then I do the rest…simply by sleeping in my bed. It’s fantastic.

I took my test, did my school work, went to my classes, and then Craig took me to dinner. We were going to go to a Brazilian steak place, but we ended up going to Draganetti’s, an Italian restaurant in Eau Claire. My dinner was very good, but I ordered a dish with sausage, and I don’t usually care for sausage. I’m not sure why I did that, because I ended up pushing them off to the side anyway. Eggplant isn’t something I find incredibly delicious, but the food Craig had with eggplant was so, so good. I was lucky to get so many bites of it. Sometimes I find it amazing to see how he still shares with me, even when I eat more than half of what we were going to share. (Like I did with our chocolate pudding the other day…it was so yummy.)

We were at the restaurant for a good amount of time, but we did have a few minutes to run over to the mall quick to look for a scarf I had my heart set on for several weeks. I was sad to find it wasn’t there. We even asked about it just in case it was hiding somewhere. My sadness didn’t last, and I was only half sad, because, after all, I had cheese curds for an appetizer at Draganetti’s. (Craig was convinced they didn’t have any, so it was extra fun to see it on the menu.) Craig took me to Cold Stone for ice cream, but our dessert melted as we were in the car with the heater. I spiled some on my skirt, and I think Craig got some on his pants or tie. It was still good though, except for Craig’s. (He got cheesecake ice cream, which, I found kind of yucky. I know that seems un-Wisconsin like, but it’s true! Mine was oatmeal cookie dough.)

I was very tired after all the excitement, so Craig drove me home. I was fully planning on heading to bed right away, but I got several phone calls from my work as we were trying to clear up some details on a story I had written. It was a full day!

Now that I’m 20, I don’t feel much different, but I’m so thankful for the years God has given me, and I know it’s going to be a great year. I’m thankful for my family, friends, for Craig, and for my education experience…even if I sometimes have lots of work to do. I am beyond blessed, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this 20th year of life will bring.


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