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on September 12, 2012

Jason Castro

My top 5 favorite songs at the moment. The order is irrelevant; all these songs are enjoyable to me!

1. Amanda Noelle, “Love Is Greater”

2. Citizen Way, “Should’ve Been Me”

3. Israel Houghton, “Your Presence Is Heaven”

4. Jason Castro, “Only a Mountain”

5. Jesus Culture, “One Thing Remains”

I invite all of you to post a comment listing your favorite song or songs. There are so many good ones! One final note…I love Jeremy Camp! The gift offer Jeremy Camp CD for this month is fantastic! He is an inspiring artist and person.  His songs have touched me in many ways. This evening, I was enjoying “Give Me Jesus.” What a great song!

“…you can have all this world…just give me Jesus.” (Jeremy Camp, “Give Me Jesus” from the album Beyond Measure, 2007)

Jeremy Camp


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