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Whether you’re 5 or 19, change is sometimes big

on September 3, 2012

I may be in the odd bunch around my family, but I’m excited for school to start. It’s been an incredibly busy summer, but one that I will remember. My family and I have put our house up for sale in Bloomer in hopes of moving to Eau Claire. Of course, there were some things around the house that needed some work before we did this. We took the old tile out of our kitchen floor and replaced it with wood. My five year old sister Beth was not pleased with this idea. She insisted my parents could only put tile on the area leading to our steps slightly outside of the kitchen, but not in the kitchen itself. She was so upset by the change, she cried for awhile. Now, Beth likes the new floor, especially since she can slide not only herself, but toys and such, across the ground. Over the past few days, I’ve watched Craig make the transition into college. The night before he moved away from Bloomer, I realized how real the situation was. It was strange to think we wouldn’t be riding around on his four-wheeler with his cute sheltie Scottie chasing us the whole way, or lounging around on his trampoline on a sunny afternoon. His dorm room was the first one I had ever seen. They were even smaller than people claimed! It was very warm inside, but small fans around the room made a big difference. One side of the square room was Craig’s, and the other was for his roommate. Craig went from having a room I could do cartwheels in, to living in a space that didn’t hardly allow somersaults.

At first, I was worried about all new changes. Our whole way of hanging out would be different now. What would that be like? Would the dorms be a good place for Craig to stay? And of course, I’m somewhat of a hesitant person at times, so coming to visit Craig when I don’t even live on campus seems intimidating. My life has always revolved around lower campus, but now I have a connection to the upper. I won’t be seeing much of his parents anymore, and he won’t be seeing much of mine, another odd concept.

Although moving in was a big change for Craig, it felt like a big deal to me as well. The other day, Craig and I went into the new Davies center to look around and eat. I was telling him about how I was a little nervous about the changes, and he smiled at me and asked, “Well, aren’t you having fun?” I said yes. He replied, “See?  We’re still having fun together. It’s just different now…but it’s still fun.” I realized he was right. It felt to me as if I was starting college all over again, only differently this time. Whether you’re younger or older, change can sometimes be hard or frightening, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that not only do you have the ones you love surrounding you, there’s also God, and God is always there, whether you have others or not. I trust Him to lead me in this new school year, and I hope you all will too! Give your change to God, and let Him hold your hand when you’re stepping out onto what seems to be a scary bridge.


2 responses to “Whether you’re 5 or 19, change is sometimes big

  1. Molly Lee says:

    Well put Amelia!

  2. kimbalarcl says:

    Thanks, Molly!

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