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Mushrooms are always the victims

on August 23, 2012

I’ve never liked mushrooms. Ever. At least…not that I can remember. I also don’t like olives, but my parents said they were my favorite when I was little. For me, mushrooms feel weird, smell weird, taste weird, and also look weird. My mom believes they’re fighters against cancer, which I’m sure they are.

Yesterday at work, I had a bit of a rough night, and it all started with a mushroom incident. I had a table of three lovely ladies, and one of them wanted stuffed mushrooms along with calamari and chicken fingers. The first off moment came when I accidentally threw away their order. My piece of ordering paper was full to the max, so I figured I had completed all the orders. I could only remember how the one woman wanted mushrooms. I went back to the table and asked again, wrote it down, and punched it in right away.

Their order was taking a bit to come out, but I reminded myself it was only because mushrooms take about ten minutes. When the food was out, everything was right on except there were no mushrooms on the woman’s plate. Instead, fried mozzarella sat in its place. I couldn’t believe it. I knew she had wanted mushrooms, all I had been able to remember were the mushrooms,  and yet there was the mozzarella. In the end, all was fixed, but my conclusion-mushrooms have it rough…at least with me. Our relationship has always been a strained one.


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